On my way to becoming gay I had my first time

I'm caught in an airport hotel overnight and decided to **. In the middle of it I went back to my first time, it triggers an ** every time. It's a little bit on the bad side, teacher and pupil. But no coercion involved.

I was young enough and he was the headmaster of the boy's dorms. This was a boarding school for boys whose parents were employed overseas. I started there in the fourth grade. That night, when the headmaster came by the rooms for headcount, he found my bunkmate on my back ** up and down my ** crack. I was somewhere in oblivion, but I do remember seeing him, and he watched until my bunkmate squirted his stuff on my back.

The next day he told me he wanted me to help him with grading papers. To show up at his office right after dinner. I went and he gave me a large number of papers and he told me to organize them in alphabetical order. I was intent on my work when he walked over and put his hands on my shoulders and leaned down and asked me if I wanted to experience it with a man. He reached around me and took my face in his hands and he kissed me. A passionate kiss and he grabbed me asking me if I liked that.

He then took my hand and put it on his lap, and told me to grab and see if I liked what was there. To me he had a very large **, and I held it tight with my fist. He worked my pants off and kissed my naked ** and turned me around and wiped some stuff on my behind. He had me stand against the work table and hold onto the edge and he stood behind me and I had my first time. It's that very thing that triggers my **, that memory of his ** in my **.

It was a moment not to be forgotten. Not as long as I was in the school. Not after I left. There have been others, but nothing like that. My first time was my best time, I ** and remember and **.

Mar 25

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