My wife and I love wrestling her best friend

My wife and I love wrestling with her best. My wife and her enjoy rolling around grappling with each other. They put all different wrestling holds on each other. My wife can pin her 3 out of 10 matches. I love watching them in tight jeans and sports bra all tangled together wrestling extremely rough with each other. I like wrestling with her and we are in intimate close ** to ** contact applying different techniques and holds on each other. If she grabs my ** to get apply a hold it’s fine with my wife for me to grab her ** to pin her. We no nothing inappropriate and no ** but all of us will get aroused and ** while wrestling and will ** during our matches. All good clean fun

Mar 27
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  • My wife just wrestle her best friend again. Both gals look tuff in their jeans and ready to go. Her friend takes her down in a good headlock and is trying to pin her with a leg cradle . She an only get a two count and my wife breaks free and they are doing some very extreme wrestling rolling around grappling and grabbing and groping with each other. She now has her friend down and she applies the grapevine on her and is spreading her legs far apart. she must submit. My wife and I wrestle an i pin her in a full body cradle for the pin and follow with a full body pin. My wife keep wrestling very rough and I am pin with her grapevine hold on me. I am now wrestling her friend, with are circling each other and I do not see the leg flip and headlock coming. I am down and were are ** to ** and she pins me with a full body cradle and slips down into a full full pin for more ** to ** pressure. We go again and I just attack her and apply a full body pin on her. She wants to go again and I find the opening o put her into a grapevine hold for the winning pin. We all have ** while wrestling with one and all but no one had ** or did any thing inappropriate. That the way you wrestling men against men.

  • My wife told me she will be late in getting home and her friend will be coming over for our cook-out. She told me if she talks to much just wrestle with her. She is just talking a mile a minute as I am trying to get ready for our cook-out. I told we should wrestle and we are now on the ground wrestling really good. I have gotten two pins on her and a submission. She has one pin and one submission. We are now in a tight ** to ** hold and my wife comes home. We both hold hard and ** inside our underwear. No ** but fun. After supper all three of wrestle with one and all.

  • I wrestle your wife while you go to work at 7-11.

    Wrestle wrestle wrestle.

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