A guy I used to know died of drug and alcohol abuse

He thought he was on top of the world when he was high. Then hed come down and say "Oh I got to get help" Then hed get high and raise ** at me because I refused to hang out with him. He wanted me to drink and dope it up with him. I finally got away from him and we were not in touch ever again. I heard on the grapevine he died. I know why he is dead. He ruined his health with doe and alcohol.

Not sure hy I'm posting this but if you ever think the drug lifestyle is fun think agin. Your on top of the world one day and way down in the dumps the next one. He didn't get the hint and it killed him

This happened six years ago and here I am alive. He died and it was his fault.

Mar 28

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** mom wrestle my boyfriend

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  • Everyone thinks the drug game is fun until they are caught up they don’t think they are on top
    Of the world they are just high out there mind

    Takes a true hero to save them

  • They have to save themselves. My acquaintance failed to heed the warnings his body gave him and even though he quit doping he continued drinking and that did him in.

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