i cant help it. icant stand black

i cant help it. icant stand black people. i realize we are all gods children, but i cannot stand them

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  • you're just angry because a black guy got stinky and sweaty after f****** your girl, your mom, and your sister. I doubt God hates them- a 12 year old black boy has a bigger d*** than most white men. The ladies love it. Your woman sure does. As much as your redneck backwoods country caveman inbred woman says she really likes your c***, as soon as you look away, she chuckles at how small yours is as she remembers how good her black gorilla-sized kong d*** was the other night with her secret neighborhood negro stud. You know it's true. How does it make you feel to know a big black d*** was inside your woman hours before you were in her? Chances are, you rubbed your c*** in all his j*** LOL. \nThere isn't a woman alive that would go back to anything but black if they tried it once.

  • Ah, n****** suck. No problemo, kid.
    Even God doesn't like 'em. He made them stinky and sweaty, remember?


  • Why be so narrow minded? I hate everyone.

  • Mup da doo didda po mo gub dat tum muhfugen bix nood cof bin dub ho muhfugga

  • come to mississippi and see if you n***** lovers still like being around them. they are worthless lazy peices of s*** and they dont like being around us anymore than we like being around them . and thats the TRUTH

  • I don't mind educated, cultured black people, but the ones that act like n******, I HATE!

  • you guy's are right f*** n****** im f****** sick of hearing there you hear that f*** you N***** you don't have a big d*** your not good at sports and white women don't want you all you are is a ugly f****** N*****

  • I love black women with their huge t*** and soft lips. The blacker the better. I love the way my white body and pearly white come look like on their black skin. Most will give it up quickly to a white guy. I have been with dozen's secretly and openly.

  • Yeah, tator tots are good

  • I cant stand the smell of them blacks. I think god did make the look like monkeys for us to laugh at them, indians are not any better though

  • I think most of the people who commented are very ignorant. I am white in a relationship with a black guy, and yes the s** is better, and he treats me better than any other man has ever. I do think it is dumb for you guys to be calling this guy a cracker and all that cause you are just fueling his hate. He is probably uneducated, and maybe even had a bad experience with a blakc person, or something, who knows? But we, as educated people, who know better, should feel just as guilty for even wasting the energy of replying to the a******! He probably had his white girlfriend taken by a black guy or something!

  • Since I've lived in Florida I have had my car stolen, garage broken into and my property vandalized twice. Each time the perpetrator turned out to be one of the black kids in my neighborhood. Now, my town is only 15% black, so mathematically these stats don't make sense unless there is some OTHER factor. I'm just saying.

  • I agree with all the people that said that they commit more crimes etc.. Its true, I hate blacks because all the ones I have met are rude and impolite. Most of them are so loud and have no regard for rules. Im not saying that all blacks are like that but all the ones I meet apparantly are. There's this town close to my city that the majority of the residents are black, and that is the dirtiest city I have stepped foot in. I mean there is garbage everywhere! They scream at eachother from accross the street. Honestly sometimes is like they are from a different species all together!

  • why is that? they are just people.We all come in different shapes & and colors :-)

  • I am a white guy who grew up in Evanston, IL, which is one of the most racially diverse communities in the country. Some of my best friends are black. So is my girlfriend.

    I went to college in Ohio and was dumbfounded by the amount of dumb I found in whites' arguments against blacks. First of all, blacks are a minority. If you've ever had the chance to go to KFC and be the only white person, I'm sure that it was a somewhat uncomfortable situation. The only thing is, you could leave and go back to a world dominated by people who think, talk, and look just like you. The black community is living in a world that was not made for them. True, a lot is being done to include them nowadays, but a few years of 'making good' does not reverse the social structure that was erected during times when blacks were considered less than human. And this era I'm referring to did not end when slavery abolished; unfortunately, we're still living in it.

    I find it highly unlikely that you can make an argument as to why your life has depreciated as a result of the 10% of Americans who happen to possess melanin, making thier skin darker. It is quite likely, on the other hand, that you are engaging in a game of finger-pointing that is more convenient than true, since it does not force you to look at yourself and figure out the reasons that you can't stand yourself.

    Is racism still really the 'cool thing to do?' You've obviously never been in a situation where you were the minority, unless you found yourself surrounded by great people.

  • Black people hate you too some of us tend to think of you as a pasty face version of the devil with a very small p**** and not enough b**** to tell a real black man how you feel lets face it most of you guys are f****** cowards anyway hiding behind a f****** computer to make stupid racist comments you people make me sick

  • nothing worse than a f****** ignorant cracker they always think they're better than everone else they find little stupid f****** names and sterotypes to call every other race if you don't like us so much don't f****** be around us you petty piece of s*** non athletic incest having bastards bet everyone that had something racist to say likes to f*** their cousins and sisters

  • Black men are amazing in bed! i highly recommend it

  • You CAN help it. Can you dissect why you think you hate them? Do you just hate the projected stereotype of black people? Do you know many black people? Is there social boundries that you think you can't cross? Get out of your country and realize you are a minority. Maybe you'll realize how stereotypes and racism can affect you.

    Personally, I lived for 7 years in Malaysia, then went back to Canada. I love my multinational country! I embrace it and love other cultures.

  • There are stupid black people out there, and there are stupid white people out there. Who is to say that one race is better than another? Black people go out and shoot their baby's mamas and s***. White people freak out and kill strangers in a school or workplace. What the hells the difference?


  • One of them called my mate a white f*** or something so my mate ko'd him.

  • try hooking up with a black girl.

  • imagine that you hate someone, now imagine you are in a car, slowly burning to death, and the person you hate walks by. if you were hated by someone, would you rescue that person? or would you keep walking... imagine your self being either one of these people and see how you feel now.

    keep in mind as well, god only started life with adam and eve, and nobody knows what race they are. go ahead and hate someone who is black and you may be real suprised when you meet your maker...

  • porchmonkeys are loud, trouble makers,high maintenance and pretty ugly. they also stink from that crap they put on their hair and dont wash it for weeks.

  • thats the different between white and black u fucken racist b****

  • theres not a difference, get a life u racist son of a b**** u dont like blck ppl then stay in ur room cuz they prolly dont like ur honkey ass anyways

  • ers. there IS a difference

  • I like black people, but I hate nigg

  • This is crazy I am half black and I although I hate my dad I can't see why someone would hold a few actions that a certain people do against a whole race. Everything that you claim black people are out there doing I bet I could find a person of every race commiting that same crime or behaving the same way. People are people not by color just by who they are

  • Its okay to hate n******; they're all stupid and seem to love being that way.

  • u a #1 white horish trash

  • I love black people, and u should too! They are hot

  • I think black people are the best!! They're always so funny... White people have dull personalities most of the time but my b/f is white so its not like i have a thing against them. Im black. We're all the same... Just b cuz ur skin is a different color dosen't mean ur better b cuz most poeple that are like that aren't.

  • i think you have to much time on your hands if all you can say is you hate black people.get a life i think you dont like yourself much either.people dont like flies but thier not going any where so live with it .we are all gods creation .

  • I like black people, but I hate n******...........
    I like white people, but I hate white trash..........
    I like hispanics, but I hate spics.........................

  • Which race commites the most crimes? Is that a real question? Hello, look into history, who has enslaved almost every other race on teh face of the earth, and their own, white people. Who has drawn racial lines in the sand, white people. Grant it in all societies people have been split apart, or fought because of class, living standards, etc. But no one ever fought over the color of the skin as being better until the white man pointed it out to the local people. They would invade a far off land, lable the native people savages, made them serve them etc. And you say that blacks commit the most crime, PLEEEEASE! You so need to get your head out of the sand and learn history, and grow up. We, mankind, the human race, non of us can say we are only ONE thing. I can't say I'm just white, or black, or chinese. Neither can you, Tom, D*** or Harry. Every race has mixed at one time or the other. And if your any kind of religious ( i.e. Muslim, Chiristian, Jewish) then you follow the Lord's book, and He tells us we are all from Adam and Eve, so if you have a problem with blacks then you have a problem with yourself, and your familia.

  • To stop the hate within others you have to stop the hate within yourself.

    It's a concious choice. MAKE IT!


  • Grow up and get a f***** life ya racist retards

  • Somthing has got to be done wit yall people meaning everybody who posted somthing about this confession dont act like your race is different from anybody elses ight

  • Why would you hate black people? They have contributed so much to society: crips and bloods, driveby shooting, carjackings, crack, rap music, pimps and ho's, hate, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan,hate...etc etc etc.
    Oh yeah, I'm a racist for pointing all this out! What group commits the most hate crimes? Look for yourself!

  • I anit racist but what you put down it really p****** me the f*** off and if you white you anit nothing but a filthy f****** cracker and if I knew where you lived at I would come over there with my porchmonkeys as you can say and we'll beat the salt off you ya f***** cracker!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tater tots !!!!!!!!!!!! are the best .,/';][=-!@#$%^&*()_+[';/,.,<3?*

  • i think blacks are cool & anyone who thinks otherwise is retarded f***** grow up god !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thats why the world is the way it is . In turmoil. we must learn to see past color. All races committ crime.

  • Grow the h*** up everywhere you go your gonna see them same with any other race!

  • pray about it because normally your hate for others is because you hate yourself or the situation you are in or how your life has turned out.

  • Its not hard to why they think where nothing fancy with coments like "f*** those n******.. fucken porchmonkeys"

    Grow up!

  • hate n******

  • f*** those n******.. fucken porchmonkeys

  • Well, what's your problem with them?

  • stupid n******

  • You're an ignorant j***. Accept yourself for who you are

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