My boyfriend cheated so should I put a mousetrap on his **?

My boyfriend cheated on me and recently we had delt with some mice. So I was putting some of the traps away since no more mice were being caught when I remembered some videos where a girl puts a mousetrap on a guy's ** as they sleep. Now we actually have rat traps which I believe are stronger. Since I found out he is cheating I've wanted to leave but I want to get him back before I do. So my plan is to put a trap (or one for each ball) on him while he is asleep then yell at him and leave. He sometimes gets violent so I feel like this is also good for my safety in trying to leave him since otherwise he might try to stop me or hit me, I know that he has hit some of his previous girlfriends. So should I do this and if not what are some other funny plans to get him back?

Apr 15

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I poke pinholes in my nieces condoms,

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  • You deserve each other... honestly, you knew the dude was a violent pos to previous gfs, and you chose him anyways, and now you want to be violent towards him for being a cheater...

    Y'all are whack

  • That's just dumb. It won't work and he'll wake up ** and kick your **.

  • It’s fake

  • You shouldn't trade violence for violence. Leave him and never go back to him. Karma is real and has it's way of sorting things out. Someday, someone he's with just may cheat on him and turn very violent towards him. Either that, or bad luck will find his way to him. Just dump him and move on. You don't want to be like him do you?

  • No. You should wrestle with him you stupid fvck

    Fake **

  • No you should wonder what you’re doing wrong in the relationship, to force you bf to go find emotional and physical love with another human being. You see there’s two reasons people cheat:

    #1 lack of love from their significant other.
    #2 because they’re **.

    Without even guessing your bf is #1. If you’re asking whether you should put a mouse trap on your bfs testicles because he cheated on you, then you are definitely the issue and not him. If I was your bf I’d leave you for the woman I cheated with, to show you how a real woman treats her man. Grow the ** up you dense ** and take care of your partner, or find someone who’s willing to be your ** forever. May I suggest Comic-Con where there’s loads of nerds just waiting for an inept ** like you to domineer them. FYYSC and get a ** life!

  • Hahahaha

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