Nudism helped our daughter’s self esteem

My husband, daughter, and I live out of in a rural area. We are not slim; in fact, I’m very fat, and our 14 year old daughter takes after me, weighing about 295 lbs. She isn’t popular at school and really didn’t have any friends and she got picked on a lot. She is shy and would rather bury her nose in a book instead of going outside.

For a long time it was just our house. Then, about a year and a half ago the lot next to ours was bought and a new house with a swimming pool was built. It was summer, and a family of 4 moved in. A couple and their 2 girls. The wife is at least as fat as me, if not a little bigger. Their girls are 14 and 12 and also quite fat. The older girl is about as big as our daughter and the younger is probably 40 lbs lighter.

Our daughter was hopeful that she would be able to finally have some friends her age that she could relate to. We encouraged our daughter to introduce herself but she would always get embarrassed and make up some excuse because of how shy she is.

A week and a half later I heard a knock at the door and answered it. I was surprised when I opened the door and saw both of the neighbors’ girls standing there completely naked. They were both smiling and did not seem at all concerned that they weren’t wearing anything. The older girl said, “we heard that you have a girl about our age,” and the younger girl said, “We’re about to swim in our new pool and we wanted to know if she would like to come and join us!”

I asked them why they weren’t wearing anything and they explained that their family were nudists and that they didn’t normally like to wear anything unless absolutely necessary. I was still a little shocked but I dragged my daughter out of her room to come and meet them. She was also surprised to see that they were both naked and tried to say no but before she could say much I looked at the two girls and said, “she’ll be happy.” They grinned and ran back to their house and I told my daughter to go put her bathing suit on and join them or else. She went over to their house. A few hours later she came back and she seemed very happy to have some new friends. She talked about them then she mentioned that their parents were nudists too and that their mother came out and joined them in the pool and she was naked too. She said she had an invitation to swim with them the next day. This repeated itself over the next few days, and then one day our daughter came to us and asked if she could go swimming naked with them.

We had been researching nudism and felt it would be ok for her to do it. People who were nudists had less hangups about their bodies and maybe it could help our daughter. We told her that she could do it, but we also told her it would be ok for her to cover up if she felt awkward or uneasy. She went to her room and undressed and came out. Her face was red but she went over to their house and swam with them naked.

From then on she never wore anything when she went over to their house, and they would all be naked when the other girls would come over here to visit. As the summer went on she seemed to be coming out of her shell. She started spending more time at home naked and by the end of the summer she basically stopped wearing clothes altogether unless necessary just like her friends.

When school started this year the three of them went to school together. Obviously they all wear clothes to school but when they come home they immediately strip down. She seems more confident at school and stands up for herself more now, and so she gets picked on less.

Apr 25

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  • It is true. Nudists don't have as many hangups about their bodies. Good on them and I hope you all get together for ** get togethers.

  • This is your daughter, and I’m a **

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