Friends heard my wife disciplining me with a spanking

I am embarrassed because our couple friends overheard my wife spanking me.

We had a couple over for a game night recently. After a few drinks I got into an argument with my wife where I got an attitude and said something very disrespectful. My wife was very upset with my attitude and told me in front of our friends I was going to get the belt for my behavior. I felt my stomach drop as I knew I had a spanking coming and I was embarrassed that my wife scolded me and said I was going to get punished in front of our friends. I laughed nervously and apologized to my wife assuming she meant to deal with me later after our friends left. She simply stared a hole through me and pointed to our bedroom and told me to go get in position immediately and wait for her.

Not wanting to upset her further I started walking to the bedroom, my face was beat red from embarrassment. getting in position means standing at the end of the bed, pulling my pants and underwear down around my ankles and bending over the bed with my face, stomach, chest and arms on the bed. As I waited nervously I could hear her talking to our friends for about 10 minutes before I heard her coming to the room. When she came into the room my self preservation kicked in and I pleaded with her and apologized and asked her not to spank me this time. She told me I would be sorry after I thoroughly learned my lesson. As she took off her belt she lectured me on why I was getting disciplined and why my behavior was unacceptable. She told me to settle in because it was going to be a very long spanking.

I was already on the verge of tears from the punishment I knew I had coming and feeling bad about my poor behavior that got me in this position. My wife does not hold back when she dishes out punishments.
She started in with the belt as hard as she could and it took everything in me not to jump up or move out of the way but I know that means the discipline starts over. I started to cry out and apologize as the pain became overwhelming. I then settled in and just cried as the barrage kept coming. The spanking went on for what felt like forever. Throughout the spanking my wife scolded me, reminding me that my attitude and disrespect is what earned getting disciplined and she will not tolerate it.

The spanking lasted a little over 45 minutes and when it was over my wife told me to stay in position and think about my actions until she allowed me to get up and then I was to apologize to her. I noticed after she left the bedroom door had been open the entire punishment. She returned and told me to get up and get dressed then come out to apologize. Spankings have always been in private behind closed doors and if anyone else is around the spankings are usually sharp but brief and then a more thorough spanking is given later. Because the door had been left open and the spanking had been so long and severe I assumed my wife had sent our friends home before coming into the bedroom to deal with me. When I got dressed and came out I was shocked to find our friends had been out in the living room the whole time and had heard everything. I was very embarrassed and apologized to my wife and to them and explained our relationship dynamic to them. They were surprisingly understanding and we have hung out with them since then but I still get embarrassed thinking about it.

Apr 27

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  • Good for her. My wife spanks me too, and a couple of times we had friends over and they heard it. 45 minutes is a bit much though. She could have made her point in 5-10 minutes with a good wooden paddle. Quick, to the point. We're lucky to have wives that care for us.

  • I agree that 45 minutes is a bit much. I am strongly in favor of women disciplining their partner by means of spanking. My girlfriend disciplines me in this way and I fully accept her right to do so. But like you say, a few minutes with a paddle should be enough. Personally I think the important thing is not so much the pain as the humiliation of being disciplined on my bottom.

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  • Another Literotica fetish story.

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  • I beat my wife but keep it private.

  • Beat her sing sang song

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