My wife spanks me

My wife spanks me when she is upset by my behavior or attitude. We agreed to do this as a way to resolve conflicts after a series of arguments a few years ago.

My wife felt like words were not enough and having to apologize with action restored fairness and balance to the relationship. She is able to release a lot of frustration and feels much better afterwards.

These spankings are strictly for punishment, there is no s** before or after. She usually uses one of my belts and sometimes a cane. For example, the last spanking 2 weeks ago, she was very upset because I had lied about something. That night she had me stand with my nose in the corner while she got ready for bed and put on baggy pajamas(she is very fit and in her late 30s).

When she was ready she ordered me to stand at the foot of the bed while she grabbed my belt. She then proceeded to lecture me for a good 20 minutes about why she was upset and why I was getting a spanking. I am not permitted to speak or talk back during the lecture or she will add to the punishment. After the lecture she orders me to pull my pants and underwear down below my knees, pull my shirt up and bend over the bed.

My wife is very strong. She begins the spanking as hard as she can swing and does not hold back. She only takes a break after the first 30 to ask me if I understand what I did wrong and repeat it back to her before she continues to deliver another 30 strokes. I am not allowed to move or stand up until she permits. After the spanking is over she ordered me back into the corner to think about my actions.



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  • Holy s*** dude this gets me off so bad

  • My wife spanks me as well. It is always for disobeying her or not doing my chores. I go over her knee for a bare bottom spanking. She usually brings me to tears and then I get corner time.

  • My wife spanks me. It's weird. I lie there spread eagle on the bed and she ties me down. I wear a thin light long pants and tee shirt because she does not like to see the damage she does. She ties a ball gag in my moth. She whips me with a piece of electrical wire. I squirm and writhe on the bed in agony and screaming into the gag. Wishing it would stop. It's insanely painful. Then it's over. Somehow I am so messed up that I actually wish for more. I am a m******** I guess.

  • My wife is totally in charge. I wish she would whip me but she witholds s**. At times I have gone several months without s**.

  • I whip my wife. It shows her submission. The welts last for about two weeks. So nice.

  • There's something really wrong with all you people.

  • I got it you want to say to the whole world that you are a loser

  • So what do you want from this garbage post. Our acceptance of it or for us to feel pity for you? If you don't like being hit by your wife then call the police next time she does it. If this gets you off then enjoy it. Either way who cares?

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