My wife spanks me

My wife spanks me when she is upset by my behavior or attitude. We agreed to do this as a way to resolve conflicts after a series of arguments a few years ago.

My wife felt like words were not enough and having to apologize with action restored fairness and balance to the relationship. She is able to release a lot of frustration and feels much better afterwards.

These spankings are strictly for punishment, there is no ** before or after. She usually uses one of my belts and sometimes a cane. For example, the last spanking 2 weeks ago, she was very upset because I had lied about something. That night she had me stand with my nose in the corner while she got ready for bed and put on baggy pajamas(she is very fit and in her late 30s).

When she was ready she ordered me to stand at the foot of the bed while she grabbed my belt. She then proceeded to lecture me for a good 20 minutes about why she was upset and why I was getting a spanking. I am not permitted to speak or talk back during the lecture or she will add to the punishment. After the lecture she orders me to pull my pants and underwear down below my knees, pull my shirt up and bend over the bed.

My wife is very strong. She begins the spanking as hard as she can swing and does not hold back. She only takes a break after the first 30 to ask me if I understand what I did wrong and repeat it back to her before she continues to deliver another 30 strokes. I am not allowed to move or stand up until she permits. After the spanking is over she ordered me back into the corner to think about my actions.

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  • My girlfriend and I know a couple where the wife canes her husband. She told my girlfriend she thought she should be stricter with me and gave her a cane to use on me if I seriously misbehaved. "Give him several hard strokes with it on his bare bottom, he won't be in a hurry to disobey you again after that. It always works with my husband."

    I am glad to say my girlfriend has not used the cane on me, but it is still in the closet in the bedroom, and once or twice she has threatened to get it out. A very effective deterrent to keep me in line!

  • I am disciplined by my lady friend. I am okay with it, but it hurts like mad. She has never done it in front of others but she stipulates that I must let the marks show next day at health club sauna. We have sometimes traveled in Europe and walking in to the coed sauna she grabbed the towel off, she says I should be proud that I have the guts to take a caning. I guess that after a couple of years I got used to it. I feel relief after one of her sessions, although i do not fully understand it. I guess it is just my kink.

  • I am always ** for canings, but for a hand spanking I just lower my shorts.

  • My wife spanks me like a naughty little boy every time I get out of line.
    She will sit on a dining chair and scold me for my naughty behavior.
    Once she is ready to spank me she will tell me to go and get our wooden bathbrush and bring it to her.
    My wife will then take my pants and underpants down to my knees, pick up the wooden bathbrush and tell me sternly to get over her knees.
    Once in position over her knees,my wife takes my free hand with her left hand and holds it firmly away from my bottom, so she can give me the spanking I deserve without me reaching back to protest my bare bottom.
    Then she will spank my bare bottom hard and very thoroughly, alterning between my right and left cheek and not stop until I am laying limb over her knees crying my eyes out.
    Then I will be sent crying to the corner with my hands at my side and warned not to touch my bottom, unless I want to go straight back over her knees for another doze of the bathbrush.

    I works wonders for my behavior and gets me really excited every time my wife punishes me like that.

  • I think this sort of thing is more common than many people realize. My partner and I have met two other couples where the wife disciplines her husband with spankings. One wife is fairly mild, she uses a hairbrush or a wooden spoon and no-one else knows about it apart from people they have contacted online. The other wife is much stricter, she mostly uses a cane. Most of their friends and relatives know about it, she keeps a cane hanging on the wall in plain view of visitors. If her husband displeases her, she tells him to lower his pants and underpants and bend over the table. His usual punishment is twenty strokes with the cane, on occasion he gets more. They both said that their marriage has improved since she started disciplining him, they find it much better than arguing.

  • Holy ** dude this gets me off so bad

  • Me too! And apart from the sexual aspect, I think there is a lot to be said for women punishing their partner with spankings. Like the poster says, the woman is able to release a lot of frustration. People have varying pain thresholds, so the woman need not always use a cane or a belt. A hairbrush will often suffice. She should make sure his bottom stings intensely though, he should not be able to sit down afterwards. I think it would be good if marriage counsellors suggested spanking as a way of dealing with marital and relationship problems.

  • My wife spanks me as well. It is always for disobeying her or not doing my chores. I go over her knee for a bare bottom spanking. She usually brings me to tears and then I get corner time.

  • My wife spanks me. It's weird. I lie there spread eagle on the bed and she ties me down. I wear a thin light long pants and tee shirt because she does not like to see the damage she does. She ties a ** in my moth. She whips me with a piece of electrical wire. I squirm and writhe on the bed in agony and screaming into the gag. Wishing it would stop. It's insanely painful. Then it's over. Somehow I am so messed up that I actually wish for more. I am a ** I guess.

  • My wife is totally in charge. I wish she would whip me but she witholds **. At times I have gone several months without **.

  • I whip my wife. It shows her submission. The welts last for about two weeks. So nice.

  • There's something really wrong with all you people.

  • I got it you want to say to the whole world that you are a loser

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