What in the good Lord's name is this mound of....

...donkey filth you call a confession!?

Never in my days have I ever, EVER laid my tired eyes upon a confession this foul, this heinous, this horribly written piece of filth, I mean, HAVE YOU NO SHAME? Have you no CONSCIENCE? What in God's name was going through your head when you wrote this?? Do you have any idea how badly you have scarred the reputation of Confessionpost, how traumatized it's loyal readers have become thanks to YOUR depravity? I highly suggest you get committed to a psyche ward, it's the only possible answer for crazy, souless freaks like you. Thank you for making the world such an awful, Godless place. No really, thank you. You **.

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  • I find it pathetic that you even felt the need to write this. Releasing your secrets to the world anonymously helps free the troubles of your soul, if you can't see that then get a life.

  • well you keep reading this so... are you a closit freek, like ** your dog and bolwing your minister?

  • Lame.

    Any of us who are regular confessionpost visitors have no shame anyway.

    Read a few of the older confessions, then come back and rethink your ** post.


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