Still brings it up part 2

So...My sisters best friend walked up to me and said "We all know", Pretty sure I almost fainted but I asked "Know what?", She said "We can see right into your room from the guest house" and her cousin who had stayed in the main house said "And...You kept the rest of us up all night". My heart sank and I sat down, I could feel every eye in the place staring at me, My sisters mom came out, Stopped, Looked at me and had a look like she wanted to punch me in the face but just went to the kitchen and poured a coffee, I was just sitting there wanting to cry ad everyone was staring at me. I said "I should leave" and her mom said "Yeah, I think so" I got up and went to my room to pack, I didn't know what to do about the mattress or the carpet but I packed my clothes as I listened to the stream of whispers and chatter from the living room, I was streaming tears and heard foot steps go past my door then the living room went quiet, I heard him say something and then his foot steps went back past the door.
A few minutes later my door opened and my sister came in, She looked at me and said "I am so sorry, I never should have done that" I burst into tears and she said "It's ok, It's ok, It's not your fault...I ** up huge", We sat and talked for about 10 minutes and she said "We need to confront this, I am so sorry I put you in this position but I did and we have to confront it". I didn't know what she meant but I nodded, She stood up and took my hand, She led me to the living room and every eye there was boring a hole through me, She sat me down and looked at the group, She explained that her and her husband had been having difficulties and although the timing was not right I had stepped in to help.
I was caught off guard since that was not the truth but she went on to say that the whole thing was pre planned and she knew about it, She told them that she apologized for putting me and them in a situation and begged everyone not to hate me, She explained that I was helping them through a rough patch and the whole room broke into a flow of chatter, Some hugged her, Some apologized to me and her 1 cousin even praised me for being willing to go outside the bounds of normal sisterhood to help them, Me, Her, Her mom, Her 1 cousin and 2 of her friends spent the day together, It was awkward but at least they didn't drown me, He returned that evening and when we had a chance to be alone he pulled me into my room, We sat and talked and he apologized, He said "I am sorry, I knew everyone would hear you and I didn't try to stop you, I knew they were watching from the guest house and I let it continue", I was flabbergasted and said "You knew?', He said "You are very vocal and I was just really enjoying that, I knew we would get busted and was mad at your sister so in that moment I wanted everyone to know which now I realize puts you in a bad spot", I said "You knew they were watching?", He nodded and said "That's why I left the lights on, I looked out the window at one point and seen them looking", I could feel my face burning from blushing, I said "You and my sister obviously talked?", He said "ya, I went and slept with her after you fell asleep and I heard you in the livingroom this morning so I woke her up and told her everything".
I sat there just nodding and then said "Now what? Does she hate me?", He said "No, We had a talk before I left and she knows it was her who pushed us to do it", We talked for about half an hour and then my sister knocked on the door, She came in and the three of us talked, She was very apologetic and then scolded him for intentionally making it so everyone would know and putting me in that position, He left and I asked her where this left us, She said "Ok, So, I have put a lot of thought into this and...I want you to keep doing it", I choked and said "Whoaaaa", She said "wait, wait, Wait, Hear me out...I love my husband, I do but since my hysterectomy my ** drive tanked, I am working on it but I also know he has needs, I am not asking you to move in or anything like that just be my...Surrogate once in a while, A couple times a week max, Just until I get this figured out...I don't need a answer now just think about it".
that night I stayed again and I sat and had a long talk with both of them in my room, He stayed the night in my room and I woke up to him cuddling me in a huge wet spot that I had left there from the night together, He made me come again that morning and we all spent a wonderful day together, I left that evening and 4 days later he asked if he could come over, I nervously texted back "Sure", 3 hours later we had defiled every piece of furniture I owned and he kissed me passionately and then left, I filled in as her "Surrogate" for 3 years and then they both came over to my house, We sat and talked and she explained that through some supplements, Counselling, Physio and just time that her drive was starting to come back, She told me they had been having ** twice a week and she was aware he was still seeing me twice a week sometimes 3 but that she had asked him to stop, He asked her to let him see me once a week since I was into some stuff she wasn't and it would curb his need for that. I agreed ad we continued like that for another 2 years until I met my husband and I approached them asking to stop, He was not happy about it but they understood and we stopped, For real.
Ok, It happened once more after that but me and my husband hadn't even slept together yet so it's ok, Anyway she still holds some resentment which I don't understand since the whole thing, For the entire time, Was her idea.

15 days
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