Super Lonely

I love that I went no contact with my toxic family, that I keep my peace by standing firm in my boundaries but **, it's so lonely. I don't really have anyone to turn to. I don't have many friends and the ones I have are more chat based than in person. It's hard to make more friends as an adult.
My life is more peaceful by far, but I just wish it wasn't so ** lonely too

May 31

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I'm in love

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  • Are you working? I’ve met a lot of my friends and a couple of lovers at jobs. Get out there!

  • Okay, so what do you want us to do?

  • Well you isolated YOURself, didn't you? They can't all be toxic.

  • Hmm 🤔 sounds like a person who didn't grow up in an abusive household. I can definitely say a person can be surrounded by toxic people

  • And? Relevance, here...?

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