I am fake

I am a fake person who is not real. i act like i enjoy being with other people when in my head i think nasty and mean thought about them. the smiles i give out are just something on the surface. hanging out with friends i get annoyed when they talk to me or ask questions or make me look stupid. i talk about people behind their backs and when i get caught i lie my way out of it, giving pleasantries and half ass excuses. people call me trust worthy, but i gossip about them all the time, i wont tell secrets that were told to me, but only because those could be traced back to me. i can't stand most people and hate it when they see more to me then i want them to. i don't like talking about anything but myself and i don't really what other people are going through if it does not concern me dont tell me about it. when i feel that i have had enough with the friends i have i end the relationship by loosing contact with them. and on the off chance that i end up bumping into them, i make an excuse saying i lost their number or something like that. i hate it when people expect me to do things for them, like really do the s*** yourself why you always gotta lean on me. s***, im waiting until i am older so that i can live a life without anyone around. people are just too damn stupid to understand that you don't need to hover around a person all the damn time.

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