I feel like an awful parent

Today at bed time my kid wouldn't hold still to get their PJs on. Every time I tried to pick them up they would go limp, every time I tried to stand them up they buckled their knees, laughing the whole time. The laughing ** me off so bad. I tried telling them it was bed time and that is wasn't a game, to more laughing and me getting madder. I was at my wits end so i just let them go from a standing position and they feel back and hit their head in the floor. At first they kept laughing but it quickly turned to them bawling. I just put the PJs on while they cried and then asked them if they were okay but the question sounded annoyed more then concerned. My stomach dropped after that and I left the room asking my partner to finish bed time.

Jun 7

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  • This exemplifies the problem with the modern pc way to raise kids. Parents so disempowered that they stress out and then lose it and cause such harm.

    Imagine you were confident and in control. You'd put the kid over you knee and deliver a couple of hard smacks. Kid cries but understands who's in control and they obey. And no brain damage.

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