High School Reunion Without Hubby

We had our 25th high school reunion recently and I decided to go. My husband had other plans. I got a hotel room to spend the nigh. Some of us decided to continue the reunion in the hotel Bar. Two of my old male class mates were socializing with me and we went to my room to visit some more. Well we were soon in bed together doing what we always wanted to do in high school. What a night. When I got home and in bed with hubby I was remembering what a great time I had at the reunion and we had the best roll in bed that we had in a long time. Cant wait until the next class reunion.

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  • I believe every wife,including mine, should have occasional s** with someone else. It's good for you.

  • Had the same at my 25th. Ex-wife was with me, but, after another of our textbook arguments, left. My old friend, Adriane, whom I spent most of my school years with, wore an off the shoulder, black dress that showed off her marvelous 38s very well. We reconnected (at one point, when we were in school, Adriane and two other girls were known as my "brew crew", we were always together), danced, and she asked where my now-ex wife went. I told her she left.

    Adriane went off on a "this is YOUR reunion, not hers", and "I'm standing here, half-naked, for you..Let's make the most of it". So, after a few drinks at the small bar, and, as my ex-wife drove home herself, Adriane and I hit the hotel upstairs and went at it in bed until the next morning. We both enjoyed it, got together the next day before I left, and had zero regrets.

    Thing is, I always felt I missed the boat on Adriane. Had I not left town, I'd probably be with her. Think we made up for lost time pretty well.

  • Not so fast honey. The concensus of my girlfriends & I choose to say that you are one giant A_S_S_H_O_L_E regarding your childish desires coupled with lack of adult discipline. Clearly you're some member of generation x or newer.

  • I say you and your girlfriends are old prunes.

  • Really now! She seems to be normal to me. You gals are out of step when you read these confessions and find fault with them. What kind of s** confessions do you agree with? Must be the ones that lock their legs together and deny any sexual desires.

  • That is what high school reunions are for, to make up for the s** you wish you had with whoever you wanted it with in high school. I have gone to all my class reunions without hubby and have had a sexual encounter with the old school mates, love it.

  • You and me both. My class reunion was similar to yours, and I sure want to have a good time at the next one too. When I got home from mine, I told my husband that it was a good reunion and I missed him a lot, of course it was not true that I missed him.

  • Hot! Protected or unprotected?

  • Unprotected. I have had my tubes ties so no preg for me.

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