All my fruends are dead or live far away from me

I'm sitting here alone with nobody. I'm 76 and I live with my Uncle and his family. I'm not liked by his daughter or his grand kids. Not my fault but theirs but I am at their mercy as they have nothing to do with me.

My best friend died two years ago. Other friends have died also or moved so far away that I will never see them again. It wouldn't be the same if I did.

Why I'm still alive when so many stronger healthier friends are gone is beyond me.

Jun 17

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  • This is sad. We are not the same age but I understand. I don’t have my friends around, I have no one to talk to and plus I live in a nosey neighborhood. I live in an apartment that has secret spy cameras.. it is an excuse for racist, crazy people to be in my business. There is no justice for women like me… they are trying to keep me down. When you live in an apartment, that means your business is Private. Why do someone want to look at me in my apartment? A home is a basic need and sometimes people hate to see you have it.

  • Where do you live? I Don't have many friends and would like more.

  • Kind thoughts and wishes to you. From someone probably on the other side of the world.

  • You still have some time. Give up your desire to get love and respect anymore.

    Just pray and pray till your last breath so you can also rest in peace in light.

  • That is true. Good advice. And, meditation. There is a LOT online that will help.

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