Boy robbed of clothes

When I was 18 boy back before molbie phone I went out to club in the city I wanted to pick up so I had on my best shirt shoe and jeans after a few years I left with a hot girl how as like came back to my place it's close by we leave go to her house when we go past a 7,11 she said can you buy me an icecream we still have a few blocks to go I was like ok.We go in and buy 2 icecreams 2 drinks & 2 pies we leave I put both bottles of drink in my packets but she open her pies and I was like your icecream is melting she goes hold the pies but she wanted to had my hand and had ice cream in the other one so I loosen my belt put the in back of my underwear hold in place by my belt not knowing she had opened them.We finish the ice cream then walk into a dark street she start to kiss me and pulled up my shirt so I could not see and kiss belly but then she push a knife at my belly I push her and start to run down the street not knowing she had undone my belt my pants start to fall down I trapped over them falling on the ground in a die end street she and 2 sister came up with the knife push me to the ground which brokes the 2 pies in the back of my underwear but still in the pack so I don't known.They make me remove my shoes and shirt them make me stand up before 1 of cames and pulls the jeans off me and then the I left the club makes me face the wall and grabs the pack of pies out of my underwear and brokes them more and opens the pack pouring them down the back of underwear and then they run off if my clothes leave me in the middle of the city in my red underwear full of broken pie.

Jul 24

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  • I get my clothes robbed.i was out mount biking though bushland I came down a hill and 2 kid push me off the track I fall of the bike they gave the bike on pull a knife telling me to remove my shirt,shoe and jeans then they grab all of them and the bike and take off leaving me in the bushland in just my boxers short which are white with red love hearts on them so embarrassing.

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