Taped to tree in underwear

When I was 15 boy walking back from school along a creek we found a tree 2mitres high I grabbed it if my hands and it could hold my weight so the 4 girls said tomorrow morning we should came back and see how much duck tape it would take to hold me off the ground.
The next morning get up put on a longsleeve shirt, trunk underwear and demin shorts which are a little loose and a pair of those.
Get to the tree the 4 girls are they with 20 rolls of duck tape and 1 roll of sticky tape found a rock to stan on is I was close to the tree the girls start taping my arms to the tree after they use all 20 rolls of duck tape 3 of the girls go to get lunch.I asked what the sticky tape was for?
She said to tape the bottom of my underwear to my legs so bags couldn't get in my underwear she then pulled my shorts down and tape bottom of underwear to leg then pulled up shorts.Girls come back with lunch 1 of them feed my after I finish they move the rock I'm standing on now I'm hanging from the tree buy duck tape which is hold my weight but my shorts fall off and my shirt is above my belly leaving me in my underwear then the girls put what was left over burger in front of my underwear and poured the rest of they icecream down the back of my underwear and get up grabbed my shorts from the ground and left.
I was hanging from tree in underwear full of food and melting icecream for the rest of the day.at 1 point a dog came and was eating the melted icecream from the back of my leg and tried to get to the burger to I kick it and run off.Then it get dark the girls left me there hanging from the tree with duck tape in my underwear all night the next morning they came back to cut my free but don't bring back my shorts so I had to walk back to girls house which was 10kilometres a way in my underwear which cover in melted icecream.

Jul 24

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  • Back when I was 16 boy I would stuff around pulling pranks on a girl in my class that I had I crush on 1day I pulled her dress up so everyone seen her undies.3 weeks late we are at a party together we start to kiss and she goes and ties my hands together behind my back and pulls my shirts over my face so I can't see and pulls my shorts down to my ankles so everyone can see my pink underwear with pineapple on them and she runs off I get the shirt of my face so I can see we're I'm walking all the kids at the party wouldn't Untie my hands so I had to walk home after the party with my hands tie together and my shorts at my ankles in my underwear it take an hour to get home.

  • I to a party with my girlfriend which was at one of her friends how live on land.I had been cheating on her I don't known that they all known.we want out to the far side of the block and they take my shirt off and tried my hands together and to a tree and remove my pants leave me in my underwear overnight in the morning I found out the tree I was tried to is by a road so everyone driving up the road saw me in my underwear.

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