She didn't believe me

I had the misfortune to live in an apartment which I shared with a guy. My roommate had an older brother who had the run of the place. He would bring in his girlfriend and have ** with her. Trouble is he was married although he was separated from her.

One day after this guy had ** with his girlfriend his wife called and she wanted him back. He didn't tell the girl he was with and left without telling her.

If I had it to do over again I would not have told her what happened when his girlfriend called looking for him. I would have lied and told her I didn't know where he was. I didn't care about either one of them in fact I didn't like the guy at all. He used PCP and drank a lot and ran his mouth. I personally didn't care if I never saw him again.

Well she did call and I told her he had left to return to his wife. His girlfriend went ballistic. She said she didn't believe me and that if I was lying I was in big trouble. She hung up but the guys brother came home and called her telling her what had happened. She called me and apologised.

Well the guys wife kicked him out and he came back wanting to get his girlfriend back but at first she wouldn't have him. UNfortunantly the girl was stupid and she took him back eventually.

IN the meantime I was able to leave the apartment. This was great because I wanted no part of either of them.

I heard on the grapevine that he left her again and got a job out of state going back to his wife yet again. Not sure what happened to his girlfriend. He had a child with his wife and later on some years later he retired from his job and he went back to pill popping and drinking again. His wife divorced him for good this time.

He's dead now with no obiturary. No word from his brother or sister, no word from his ex wife or his daughter. He died and was cremated but apparently no one cared.

Way to go Rick. You **.

Aug 7

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  • That’s a helluva good story. Might make a good movie. Seriously.

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