Was that too much to ask for

A house, wife, children, decent paying job. A normal life was all I ever wanted. Life went suffering and depriving a little love and respect. Can't even die with a free will. I never thought of being labeled as a criminal a sinner. I have groped Many women besides knowing it feels disgusting.

I am sick and wanted to come out of this. God took my job and was embarrassed to leave it. It's a bad cruel world where only rich has the right to live. I am not living only breathing.

I had a girlfriend once, I saw her yesterday she looked beautiful as always but I changed my path. As men are not loved Unconditionally.

I am already dead inside. See ya in **.

Sep 20

Next Confession

I am my former wifes little daughter

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  • You want a house and decent job, do you have a decent university education? Or are you expecting government hand out?

  • Yeah, like so many these days, he expects others to treat him like the man-baby he is, others should provide for him simply because he exists. This is half of America today.

  • Another manipulative low life troll having the same perspective for all. Die!

  • Men are not loved unconditionally by women. It's a lie I bought into. Women initiate most marriage breakups. Once a man has outlived his usefulness

  • Thanks for getting back to me.

  • Everything written in a passive tone, as if this all happened to you rather than accepting responsibility for your active and continuing choices.

    I feel for you, I do. But your choices, your consequences.

  • Thanks for reading this.

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