I am my former wifes little daughter

Yes i am a total cuckold and deserve not be treated as a man or like
as adult

Now the whoule family treat me as a baby - around the clock and I am always under supervision
As i was a kid - i was registered in a special school for mentally retarded (i was back in diapers age 8 to 17) and after school i was at home by my mom. My mother posted a marriage announcement and a woman came forward, and we later got married. My wife had the say from the beginning and I obeyed her - basically everything was the same as at my mother's house. I did simple jobs and I think our ** life was boring - I have no real interest in ** either. From the beginning, my wife always treated me like a little girl and loved to feminize me. I have to admit that I liked it. Despite everything, she had three children by me. We have a daughter, then 13, and two sons, then 2 and 4. Every now and then I had to wear dresses or skirts like a little girl - I also wore diapers again. The kids like it. it was fun for them.
But my wife wants to meet real men and so she go out without me and she had fun with real men.
At one evening she told me, I see you no more as my husband. I want you to live completely as my little daughter - as my very little daughter. She changed my name Ben into Benita and all call me Benita from this time on. She invite other men into our house and of course they like to see me wearing dresses and treat as a baby girl. I do my best to make mommy (i must address her mommy, not really easy to do that) happy and proud. And she no longer starts to hide everything - she diapers me in front of the kids - and everyone sees that my diapers are really wet. Later she go out to met black men - she loves to dance with them or go to dinner with them. Of course she talks to them - my husband is my little daughter and her name is Benita and is now in bed - diapered and have to sleep. The men love to see that she have me under complete control. Then i was incontinent again and i wet myself (ca. all 20 or 30 mintutes i wet myself - my bladder is very small now) and she was happy that i need now diapers like all babies.
She fall in love with a black man and she wanted that he moved in and be her husband and now living both as a married couple.
He is my daddy now and the father of the kids
His last name is now offcial our last name - i am Benita Mekame now.
Every weekend we visit his family and his mom love that he is the head of the famly - she want also that i adress her with granny and she is a part of my upbrining.
Her opinion is that a baby have to eat only baby food and she switch my food into infant food - i mean infant food for 0 - 6 old infant, or infant porridge for 4 months infant.
My food plan - at 7:00am 2 baby bottle 300ml Infant formula 1, at 10:00am one baby bottle infan formula 1, at 1:00pm 2 baby bottles infant formula 1, at 4:00pm one baby bottle infant formula1 and at 7:00 2 baby bottle infant formula1 and a baby plate infant porridge
At 7:30pm i get my nightpampers and have to sleep. To drink from baby bottles was not easy and so it was best to remove my teeth and now i can drink like a baby from baby bottles.

I am very happy and also thankful that i have now only baby things and that i can be allways a good behaved baby

Sep 20

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