imagine being voluntarily celibate for 3 whole years, not once even desiring to change it. last you checked, you loved s** but could care less if you had it ever again. you still love watching guys j******* and suck eachother but no sense of longing or wanting to join in. you wonder if you've become a voyeur. it's not your lack of lover but the fact that you don't desire one that disturbs you. you know this is really strange. you're a MILF if there ever was one. pretty, built, and all that stuff. well, that's my lot. let the good times roll.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I was the same exact way. Found out I had just never been 'f***** proper' til I moved in with my roommate. I think its psychological too. But he has taught me how to ENJOY PLEASURE. A lot of times we women look at s** as a chore or whatever but we never learn to just relax and ENJOY the pleasure of s**. The message we get grwoing up is we're 'not supposed to' because a woman that enjoys s** is somehow a s***. Well, if you find a partner Like I found, a guy who is about the pleasure and not just the poontang, you'll find s** is really quite awesome. So don't worry. If I can come out of it, anyone can. But don't give up your celibacy on a whim. Make sure you're ready.

  • if i was frigid i wouldn't be perplexed. equipment in good working order but what happened to the manual...

  • Interesting.

  • An MILF that likes watching guys j******* and suck each other? WTF?

  • I'd call you frigid.

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