My Confession

So most things on here are about:

Ex-boyfriends (all inevitably a*******)
And Christopher Walken.

So here is my confession:

OMG I cant belive my ex hu is an a****** cheted on me, and with his 2 YEAR OLD SISTER. i am also sleepin with her and tuching her i think she likes it. She looks like Christopher Walken and that turns us on. Any advice guys???

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  • That was actually pretty funny.

  • ^ *(&*%^$^$(!!! OMG! you stupid f***. didn't you hear me? there is NO GOD. BUDDHA YES but no jessus christ god boy thing. (ok yes he did exist but he was the ultimate con man --yes MAN not god!)

  • ^ You f***** buddha worshipper! You are full of nothin but hate! You have really gone to far this time! That isn't even funny! You are just one of those liberal nuts who probably believes in evolution! You are one sick and twisted b******! You better not mention buddha on here again or so help me God, I will file a complaint with this site and see to it that you are no longer allowed to post! as far as Satan goes, that's fine, at least he is mentioned in the bible.
    God Bless.

  • I read the second post down and actually thought it was a joke. Please tell me it was a joke. No one is ACTUALLY that dense, are they?

    Buddha bless you all, and may Satan give you plenty of kisses,

    Love, OP.

  • ^ served with a side of veggies

  • ^^ I love people that know everything, lmao, its amazing how many people on here are so smart, yet their life is nothing but this. Losers.

  • ^ it was a joke (i hope) so lighten up. and i HATE when people have to use GOD as a crutch. ( by the way there is no GOD )

  • there most defiantly is(:

  • OMG! You disgust me! You are a horrible, horrible person!
    I really hope this catches up with you and you are put in prison. Maybe then you will be given a taste of your own medicine and get raped by a cellmate!
    God Bless.

  • Yeah. Just go with the flow and come troll with us.

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