Dear Christopher Walken poster;

I love Christopher Walken more then you do! And I actually know him so :p !

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ If you didn't even look at the picture, then how do you claim to be his sincerest love? Just take a look, it will only take a moment. It is proof of the permanence that Mr. Walken has in my life! You speak of love and marriage which has no permanence in today's society. I know you drive by his house each day because I live there with him. I am his pool boy. Chris and I even have a running joke about you. We call you his stalker and can tell the time of day by the sound of your passing car. Just like clockwork you drive by each day craning your neck to try to catch a fleeting glimpse of the man, the myth, the Walken. Just give it up girl, he only has eyes for me.

  • I win!!

  • OP here: you want proof? Here's your proof, this is my leg!

    I love him more than you, you Christopher Walken Poser!

  • You liar! Nobody knows the Walken!

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