I'm a chick

And I want a guy that's weaker then me and I want to protect him. What's wrong with that?

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  • So called "weaker" guys are the best! They would do anything for you! I wouldn't use them, cause then you lose them, they won't be a slave, but just appreciate the fact that they will bow down and kiss your feet as long as you love them too!

  • OP here,
    thanks! You people rock!

  • I've dated a weaker guy, and his overwhelming lack-'o-spine made me want to bash his winey head in nearly every day.

  • I'm a dude and I want a girl who is stronger than me. Not physically stronger necessarily, but more aggressive and out going. Not to be cliche, but opposites do attract.

  • No, what you want is a guy that loves you more than you love him. That is the only way to have it!

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