When I was a little girl, I caught my mother and older brother having s**. My mother explained to me that she had found him doing oral s** with another boy and it was her duty to cure him of wanting gay s** by letting him have s** with her. I caught them on other occasions. It must have worked because he began having s** with me with I was a bit older. I was in my teens before I figured out how messed-up it all was.

I'm a divorced mother now, and a few months ago I walked in on my son masturbating. Without thinking I gave him a b****** then gave him permission to have me get him off whenever he needed it. I didn't think about what I had done until afterwards, it was like a reflex. He's taken advantage of that permission a lot.

I feel guilty and apprehensive but I still allow it. I thought my mom and brother were messed-up, but at some level, I guess I accepted their logic.

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  • This is terrible , both you , your mother , brother and whole family are twisted and not in a good way . And now you are getting your son involved , you sick woman . How could you possibly ruin his life like that .

  • ^ um, since you're new here, i'll explain. OP stands for original poster. referring to the person who posted the original confession. see, a lot of people on here like to pretend that they are the one who posted the confession because they wish that they were that clever. sometimes they do it just to try to hurt the feelings of the OP because they derive please from putting others down. these people who imitate the OP are called trolls. they are the lowest form of human in existence today. one day they will become extinct when they turn the magic age of 16. that's when they realize that they wasted several years on this site and other forums and have accomplished nothing in their lives to date. so they go out and get a job and eventually become an upstanding member of society. a very select few even get girlfriends eventually, but most don't due to their severe obesity and the fact that they never move out of the basement in their parents house.
    hope that helped you.

  • who the h*** is OP, im so confused, and this storys odd, if it was made up, they have problems, if it wasnt, they need help.

  • ^ Why do the stupider trolls among us think they're shocking someone?

  • 'ello all, I'm the OP of these quirky "OP here," comments. My mum found out that I posted these silly comments posing as the OP of all of these confessions and she's forcing me post this apology now. I'm sorry mates, I didn't ever mean no harm by any of it. I was taking the p*** out of you all. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for my meddling mum!

  • is it wrong that im getting off to this?

  • This is disturbing in everyway imaginable. That is your SON. Your SON. Your little baby that you geld every night while he was crying. And now youre sucking him off??? You were right. It is messed up. There is no logic in that at all. I guess you could trace this back to your mother, and it could end up being her fault. But you are an adult. Know right from wrong. Jesus.

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