Oh, For the Love of Walken.

I had a party, but nobody bothered to turn up. APPARENTLY they were all too busy watching Sleepy Hollow.

Why, Walken, WHY?! Why do you take everything I love away from me? Even my cat left to see it.

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  • ^ There WAS a full stop in there, honestly. Confessionpost must have deleted it... *Shifty eyes*

  • ^ I know you just didn't mention Walken and Di Craprio in the same same sentence. That is blasphemous!

  • ^ Dear Cat,

    Come back! All is forgiven. We can watch Catch Me If You Can together and talk about how superior Walken is to Di Caprio.

    Love, OP.

  • Next time make it a Walken themed party and we'll all come!

    Your Cat

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