I don't want to be sober. But I have

I don't want to be sober. But I have to. Why? Why do other people get to tell me what I should or should not do? I am 39 years old for God's sake! It doesn't hurt anyone if I drink.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • If other people are telling you to ease up, there may be a problem you're not seeing. People, including myself, tried telling my now-ex wife about her problem drinking, but, just like you're saying...She saw it as nobody's business. Until, that is..She got fired from a job that just promoted her a month earlier, made my left living h*** enough that I filed for divorce, and she ended up living with her aunt out of state.

    I'm still hearing stories about her, how bar staff we knew really hated her, but, tolerated her b/c they liked me, friends of ours who tried telling her to stop, even a former manager who basically talked to the job she got fired from and asked them to give her another chance. They declined.

  • One too many DUI"s I guess!

  • Take up masturbation instead.

  • My brother told my dad once that he quit drinking.

    Made dad smiled and said, oh, your going soft on me!

    f****** classic!

    have a drink on me, bro!

  • If your drinking isn't hurting anyone, then why are they all concerned? Maybe you need to be sober just so that you can figure that out

  • My mother and sister-in-law said the same thing. My mom has now had 3 DUI's in 6 months and my SIL wrapped her car around a tree, killing herself and thankfully no one else. SIL left behind 3 very damaged children. My mother and I have a strained relationship because of her drinking. She has hurt me and has actually physically hurt my children. (as well as emotionally) You can drink if you want but don't kid yourself that you aren't hurting anyone else. If you are going to do it, be honest and don't try lying to yourself to justify your actions. Own up.

  • There is no law keeping you from drinking. And I don't know your situation in any detail. But consider that even though you own your own body, and you could commit suicide if you wanted to (fast with pills or slow with alcohol), there are others affected by you and your decisions. If you are or become an alcoholic, you're more likely to drink and drive, placing others at risk. Alcohol is involved in a disproportionate number of murders, domestic abuse, assault and battery, and in general, stupid decisions. You may hurt those around you in many ways. Especially those close to you. H***, why would I care? I probably won't ever meet you in my life. But I can tell you that much angst, heartbreak, and turmoil come from overconsumption of alcohol. If others tell you that you drink too much, forget the natural impulse to resist them telling you what to do. Consider that they care enough to try to help you.

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