Angry with God

Why won't God send me my mate? I am so impatient and I want to meet the one for me yesterday. I am so lonely and I have so much love to give. When will I meet him, Lord? Why do you want me to be alone?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Do not hunt for your true love. You may dilude yourself into believing this is the one and be infactuated with him. Let yourself be yourself. Eventually you will meet the man for you, take it slow, give just a bit of yourself at a time, don't smother him with all the love you have to give. Let time tell you if he's worth it.

  • Try praying to Shiva, Tiamat, Baal, Thor, Pan....or really just about any other deity. You can even try faeries, water spirits, or even your spirit guide. If none of that works you can check your astrological indicators; heck, maybe even a psychic......or, stop praying and just go on dates till you meet someone.

  • ^ What a f****** idiot! Why do you have such a great need for imaginary friends at your age?

  • i know the feeling , i met the woman god ahs given me , i am not saying that you have to go out and try and meet but i know that you should keep praying , he is faithful and has given me someone that is perfect for me. I want to thank him everyday for her . What i might suggest is that you get yourself ready to meet him . That is be the best you can be , take out your emotional thrash and thank God that he has someone in mind for you. I dreamed of the woman i am now dating , we seem to be perfect for each other , although it is not perfect yet. we have to learn to live for each other and work out the dificulties with direction from God. i knoqw it is hard to wait , but there is plenty to do in the mean will reeive wether you believe all the time or not...but you will be glad you waited, don't date anyone that is not a christian , or do anything you will regret while you wait on the LORD....

  • God? LMAO what world do you live in? God, Jesus and all that shít is made up. you need to watch Zeitgeist The Movie and educate yourself!!!

  • Atheism will solve all your problems

  • stop searching so hard and you'll find it.. it'll be where you never expected.. and trust me dont be scared when you find it, (which you will) you wont be sorry that you waited.. :)

  • I seem to recall something about Him helping those who help themselves. Make some effort, get out and meet people, make contacts.

  • god is not going to send you a mate because god is not real.
    WAKE THE F*** UP!

  • I feel the same way. I met my love and he left me. He now lives in Miami with someone else yet I long to be with him. I pray to have him back every day but I am lucky if I get nothing more than a one line text message from him. If there is someone else, I hope God send him to me quickly

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