I have so many problems

1. I think i have a hormone imbalence because arm hair,leg hair, upper lip hair grows sooo fast! and i think about s** all the time. which makes me wonder if i am producing too much testosterone and not enough eostrogen.

2. I have a DISGUSTING fettish. I am so ashame of it. I surfed p*** for 4 hrs today which disgusts me. but i looked up.. incest p***. i know how disgusting it is. I believe it is so sick and so wrong and just horrible but for some reason it kinda turns me on WHICH I HATE.

3.I think i have an eating disorder. I binge all the time. If im bored or theres food in the house i will eat it. Its like i dnt know when imm full. And even if i do feel klinda full i just keep eating! I havn
't felt full for years. I ate 1 and a half poizzas without feeling full! what the f***!!!!!!!

4. I get so nervous around people that i feel are better than me. I get all shakey and yer.

GRRR i have soo many problems. if u can help me in any way with these problems PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i NEED HELP lol

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  • you're gross. yuck.

  • ^ good job of reiterating the 1st comment in a less intelligent way.
    this way it is dumbed down for the viewing audience.
    also, i love the way you posted it twice to really get your point across.

  • 1. idk.
    2.if your really worried about it then either block those sites so that you cant visit them.
    3. if your really worried about your intake then portion your meals and snacks.
    4.you just have to realize that it happens to everyone. some can just hide it better than others.

    you have to learn to except yourself for you. all of these 'problems' are the faults that make you unique. if you changed them then you just wouldnt be your own person. but if you really are worried and want to change then good for you, and just set your mind to it.

  • post one said it well!!

    if you are very concerned about the eating, about not feeling full, and about the hormones seek a medical consultation.

  • Sounds like you're just a normal teenager.

  • Your only real problem is that you spend time worrying about these things that really aren't problems at all.

    1. If the body hair really bothers you, there is always electrolysis. Hormone imbalance is common and can easily be balanced with medication.
    2. Everyone, no matter how much they may deny it, has some sort of fetish. As long as you are not actively pursuing your family members or trying to seduce them, then your fetish is causing no harm.
    3.Find a hobby to fill your time. Anything to keep you busy and keep your mind off of food. Make menus for the week and only buy the necessary ingredients when you go to market.
    4. Being nervous around people is common. Some people just do a better job of masking it than others. But deep down everyone feels this way when interacting with others they believe to be superior. Usually when you get to know the person better this goes away, and you realize that you are equals and therefore have no need to view them as better than you.

    Just learn to accept the fact that you are unique in all of these characteristics and your "problems" will disappear.

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