I just want to say I got on here to read some funny confessions and I see all these disgusting MENTAL ILL ASS perverts bragging bout their daughters underwear’s y’all are disgusting AS FUCK...



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  • It's only natural to be attracted to your daughter as she develops into a woman.

  • It's only natural to want to slay people you find disgusting, too. Fortunately for most people, that impulse doesn't get indulged as often as it's felt. Never know when that will change though. What's your address? :)

  • Thats plainBULLSHIT stupidASSHOLE

  • There's probably some genuine content in here, but about 99% of it is just social defectives gurning over what they think are hot topics. You know the kind of person you see in the back of the bus, with greasy hair and baggy clothes and a "scared of everyone" vibe who smells like cheese? This site is their Mecca. If you look at them this way, these stories DO become funny confessions! Complete bullshit, but funny if you like to laugh at the lame.

  • I think having confession sites is good apart I don't like to see inappropriate confessions about kids. I like to confess my desire to have s** with either one of my sisters.

  • Kiddie-d!ddling is bad but incest is fine. Good god, troll, you're not even trying.

  • Definitely agreed. No touching until they are 16. At around 13 I believe it's ok to be intrigued by changing bodies and to but never touch.
    Underwear is fine so long as the wearer doesn't know.

  • I personally think it all depends on how old the daughter is. Anything to do with kids is wrong

  • LOVE sniffing my granddaughters lil knickers

  • Soon there would be comment from a troll asking you why you are here if you don’t like it

  • Yes, because they can't comprehend that "freedom of speech" also applies to people who are over all these fantasies and fake stories. Too bad!!!

  • Yes but confessing that you touched your child inappropriately like some posts have. It is a confession and law enforcement can and do track down IP addresses. I hope they are doing that here. The problem with Fantasias is that when giving the chance, People can and have acted on those Fantasias. Then some poor child is messed up for life. Pedo's should get the death sentence! For the states that don't have the death penalty just release them into general population in prison. They will take up those matters.

  • Good, I hope LE does their job!! And until they do the pedos can just deal with decent people calling them what they are.

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