the babysitter

I spank the kids i take care of. they annoy me. they demand attention that i have no desire to give. i am mean and i spank them in the beginning so by the time their parents get home they forget. they hug me goodbye and just forget until the next time. kids are a pain, i wish they would sleep more and leave me alone.

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  • You sure triggered somebody down there several years back! (Same person posted both comments)

    Pretty sure this post is satirical. Although actually disciplining kids *when they act up* is a badly-needed "old fashioned" practice that desperately needs to come back.

  • Just hit them in the head with a shovel. That will leave them dingy enough for you to get your grove on and not be interupted. That or maybe a hammer. I hard smack and you wont have to listen to them anymore. You are a princess.

  • give them tranquilizers. that will keep them out of your hair so you can get some much deserved peace and quiet. after you experiment with the dosage, you will be able to feed them just enough to knock them out, but time it so they will wake up just as the parents return home. trust me, i've been babysitting for 18 years.

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