I have found s** pics of my husband and the kids nanny. They have been playing around for awhile and I knew it. They are doing what him and I used to do. He will tire of her on day like he tired of me. I think she wanted me to see the pics because she wants me out. The truth is the kids like her more than me and I am not cut out to be a mom. I would rather travel w/my job and f*** random guys as I have for the past 8 months. They can have each other at this point I don't care. Or maybe I will have her ass shipped back to Mexico where she belongs. message to nanny: FYI mexican w****, groom your p**** it is revolting!!

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  • She is a mexican w**** and what w**** you are?? B****

  • Enjoy your power career while you lose connection with your family.

  • Isn't that what nanny's are for?

  • its your fault for letting the situation get this far and i'm mexican and not a w**** thank you very much and u shouldve taken care of ur own kids and built a connection without her

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