Let best friend see dirty pix of hot wife

I let best friend see a bunch of dirty pics of my wife, few videos also, now he is dying to have s** with her! Has told my wife he saw pics and wants to have s** with her. She 3 months pregnant and told me she will if I say ok.... Very close to letting

Feb 27, 2015

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  • I would love to see your wife's pictures and am happy to comment on them if you want. Also have pics of my wife to trade if you want. Email me at mywifeondisplay@gmail.com

  • Hornym412@gmail.com

  • Hello im Dave i woild love to trade pictures and videos of my wife with you

  • I've shown several of my friends naked and posed pics of my hot older sister, and, as if they all didn't l*** after her before, now really want to have at her. Most have no shot, but one, who's been after her since our college days, may have a shot. I think she'd throw him a "why not" f**, since knows he's panted after her for so long. I'd love to see it.

  • Actually now would be the best time of all to do this. To do this, to get the most emotion the most erotic experience from this, it has to be done bareback...no condom. Even more erotic is the fact she is not on birthcontrol (yes, I know she is pregnant) But at only 3 months, she most likely doesn't look like she is pregnant and that only adds to the taboo feeling of this event. Having him c** inside her, watching it pool at her opening then trickle down her inner thigh will be a sight you will cherish for ever. Now my friend is the time!!!

  • Totally agree, nothing like seeing the wife in that position, she never agreed to it unfortunately

  • I agree 100 percent. Hopefully you haven't told him that she is pregnant already. Let him f*** her bareback and c** inside her as many time as he wants for a month. Then one night have her tell him that she is pregnant and see what he does. You and your wife can have a great laugh seeing him squirm.

  • Why not if they both are fine with that? Before they have s**, please make sure that your friend is DDF.

  • This all like insane she is your wife and pregnent and
    And the guy your friend is worse than enemy who...

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