I gave up a long time ago

My husband of 17 years and the father of my 2 children screwed around on me a few months ago-but it was ONLY an online relationship he says. However, in one of the emails I read, he said he needed to get her some release, needed to get her off. He says it was nothing. I don't belive him. I supported his ass for many years while he was "finding his way". Now he is making over $50K a month and he thinks all is well between us. Right f*****. Sure it is. I'm getting what I deserve and that is a shitload of money. You are stupid if you really think I play that way.

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  • Shut up, get a divorce, and then shut up, I don't care about you, or your kids, or your husband. Something tells me you never let him live it down that you supported him.

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