Saw parents doing their friends

My parents had a couple of their friends over for dinner. They've been friends for a realy long time. They also watched a movie together and it was cool. It was getting late and my parents said I needed to go to bed since it was after 10:30 which is usually my bedtime.

I was asleep for maybe an hour and a half when I woke up. I was thirsty and needed to get something to drink from the kitchen. I walked down there and passed the living room and it was messed up. My mom was getting doggy'd by their male friend and my dad was doing 69 with their female friend.

my jaw hit the floor and my heart started racing, never in a million years did i think they would ever do something like that. I quietly walked back before they knew i was up.

I'm not judgmental just surprised and really really creeped out.

Jun 18, 2018

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  • Swinging/swapping is awesome!

  • Happens in the best of families. In mine too.

  • In the f****** living room??

  • You should have joined in

  • S** is a wonderful experience.

  • Lol their human . How old are you?

  • I'm 27, but no child so see some stranger touching their mommy in her special place.

  • Why are you still at home and why are your parents still telling you what time to go to bed?

    You don't like dealing with your parents lifestyle then get a job and get your ass out on your own!!!

  • 27 and still at home? Ewwww.

  • So you have had a sheltered life and seeing your mother's v***** being fingered or licked on was a surprise for you.How long did you watch them?

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