Ii Lied

I told you I was pregnant with your child. I'm really just gaining weight from all of the chocolate pudding I've been eating.
Please forgive me.

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  • S*** your w**** mouth. Hey fatty, stop lying.

  • Um, to the 2nd poster, evAr was a joke. Dumbass....

  • Lying about a child is pretty hard to forgive. You just jeopardized your relationship. Why did you lie in the first place?

  • first off to the a****** above me.... its not EVAR. It's spelled E-V-E-R. get it right moron.\n\nand secondly to that b**** who posted this bullshit confession.....STOP EATING SO MUCH YOU FAT W****. that is all.

  • Uh, what are you gonna say in a few months when instead of popping out a kid, you just keep getting fatter? This is the dumbest thing EVAR.

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