I am a sinner.

I have committed many sins in my life. Too many to post. What I will say though, is that I am honestly and truthfully sorry for all of the horrible things I've said and done. I pray to God with all of my heart that he forgive me. I do try to be a better person but, with how sometimes a horrible thing will happen to me, I struggle not to lose my temper and when I do, I eventually feel bad. God, I'm begging you from the bottom of my heart and soul that you please forgive me and give me a second chance.

Jul 18

Next Confession

Commando pedicure.

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  • I am a ghost rider. Stay away from me.

  • I would feel bad about my sins.

    My wife and I would pray together for forgiveness for our sins. Mostly though it was me sinning. Lustful thoughts, masturbation, angry words, swearing, gluttony, not completing chores.

    She got me to put up a small white board in our kitchen and whenever I sinned, I would have to write the sin on it. When we got home from church on Sunday morning, she'd wipe it clean.

    The problem was I wasn't getting any better. She remarked on occasion that I was like an errant child. So one day I suggested that maybe we should punish me. After discussion I suggested she cane me. The rod of correction. At first she was not keen. So we did it with me wearing boxer shorts so she could not see the damage.

    I actually find the pain cathartic. I now actually feel a huge sense of forgiveness. I seem to have learned too to be so much better at not sinning.

  • No, he won’t. We all are his source of entertainment.

  • Tell us what you did with your body and how you offered it to others. Forgiveness with details. Did you swallow? There’s a ticket to heaven!

  • Repent by performing oral on 3 men in the next week. Start with your boss.

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