Im not sure if i like my girlfriend

Im not sure if i like my girlfriend anymore.Cuz there is so much drama between us. But is it wrong that i like a girl that is the sweetest thing to me?Me and this new girl i like have been friens 4-ever and i really do like her.

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  • I agree with the above comment!

  • you gotta think about who wil make you happier and who will satisfy what you are lookin fo rin a girl. i was in that same situation about 6months ago and finally decided to leave my gf and started dating the other girl. best desicion i ever made.

  • f*** your nice friend and turn her into a bish also, get it over with... tell her that if she was really your friend, she would f*** you all the time no problems ... Mykie ^^

  • well if he dont find a gurl he likes soon then he will juss prob. date round for a while

  • well breaking up isnt the end of the world. What r u going to do about it now?

  • well i gaurentee he juss still had a little bit of feelings for the other gurl and she really liked him so they hooked back up for a while but is already broken up but i know hes really srry for hurtin ur feelings

  • Well maybe that gurl said that cuz she really liked u and u hurt her feelings cuz went bac out with the other gurl.

  • Well wat if that gurl said she didnt like him at all no more and so he couldve juss drifted away but im pretty sure he didnt cuz that gurl he is talkin bout must be pretty sweet

  • Yea that is all true and i think that other girl likes you back she thinks ur really sweet and nice but she might have a boyfriend and if u r still goin out with that one girl then what can happen between u too?

  • No it makes perfect sense. It sounds like your gf causes you to have anxiety when you know your going to see her. The new girl makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Its OK to want to feel good. Thats why we date to find that one.

  • I've been in the same situation. All the issues wear you down and you just fall out of love. You still care for them but you're not in love anymore. It's time to move on, try a relationship with the other girl. Otherwise, it'll just get worse and worse until you end up resenting your girlfriend and you'll both be miserable.

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