this isnt real

well the other day i went out to the bar with some buddies for my friend jakes birthday. we had a good time, spent a couple hours there and left. so im driving home and at this point ive had too much to drink. my buddies in the car all say im doin fine and carry on about their business. then jake brings out his bowl and some weed. we all start smoking it. i took a couple hits and i was done with it. wel shortly after were done i rear ended this guy who was stopped at a stoplight. without thinking i floored it through the red light and srove as fast as i could home because i didnt want to be arrested for a dui. now i feel really guilty for running away from the accident. i need advice please help me.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Well all you can do is wait. If the guy got your license number you are screwed if not, hopefully you learned a valuable lesson. You have to pay attention to your driving, especially when you are f***** up.

  • The cops are outside your house.

  • s*** bag! What if someone was hurt in the other car? They likely don't have money to fix the damage on their car or the potential medical bills you caused them.

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