22m in college.

Out with friends standing at the bar doing shots. Next to me are two older ladies and an older man. My buddies and I buy her a few shots because it was her 54th birthday and she was celebrating with her brother and sisterinlaw. I kept talking to her for the next 20 minutes as my buddies are watching the game. Til this day I still don't know how I ended up making out with this lady at the bar, in front of her brother at that. I mean we were going at it, I was aggressively grabbing her ass. Came to a point my friend pulls my shirt and says "come on man, people are staring". And it wasn't til the bartender yells "take that s*** outside"...lol I look up and everyone was staring and had a look of disgust. And that was it, they left a short time later. But I lost a few female friends over that. They didn't talk to me again. Big freaking deal, they weren't sucking my c*** any way, phoc them right in both of their ears

Feb 26

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  • You probably had a good chance of getting the best f*** of your life. But of course you’re young dumb and ignorant thinking you know it all.
    I’m sure her brother would not have cared if you later hooked up . I bet this makes her never want a young guy again .

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