it hurts

i want to become successful,famous,rich.i feel depressed because i was famous and rich,but i'm very sensitive,i could not cope up with a nervous breakdown and false lies against me.i became so sensitive to all the stories on me on tv and newspapers that i wanted to commit suicide.i got depressed because i was not anymore on tv,felt betrayed by my friends,after i stopped being a newsmaker,my life seems worthless.i love winning all the time.i love being the center of attention,now i'm hurts.cant imagine life without being a newsmaker on tv and newspapers for the rest of life


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  • Are you Susan Boyle?

  • Newsmaker? You mean a reporter? I agree with #1.

  • OMG by the shitastic way you write/type, it's obvious you also wrote the "I'm a 26 year old virgin" post just before this one. Your life sucks...

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