It just dawned on me that I totally use

It just dawned on me that I totally use my looks to get out things! What an ass. I know that this guy at work would lay down for me if I offered. So what do I do? I get real close and whisper to him that I really wanted to go home early tonight. My lips practically brushed up against his check. I also made sure he could see the top of my clevage and then I pressed it against his arm. He said he would cover my shift. I am a huge pile of steaming s***. But, on the other hand, if he is that dumb, why not use it to my advantage???

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  • If you realize what you are doing is wrong, you may want to cut the behavior, now!

  • ^ And someday everyone will remember you as "that old s*** with the saggy t***."

  • Use what you got to get what you want.

  • I agree...he should not think w/ the wrong head!!!

  • lol just do it only a little,don't be slutty about it

  • So which one are you: the steaming pile of sh*t and a*s or the remorseful coworker? Personally, I don't think you feel any pangs of guilt or remorse. You sound like you're trying to fool yourself that you feel bad, if you ask me. Really, it seems to me that you're gloating that you've got this guy under your thumb.

    Yes, we guys can be vulnerable to T&A, just like girls can be prone to flattery and charm. But it doesn't make it right. We need to stop exploiting each others' weaknesses. Your coworker isn't dumb. He's just weak. There's a difference. You're the female equivalent of a male worker smooth-talking a lonely insecure female colleague to do work for him. It's not right and you should stop resorting to these selfish and sleazy tactics.

    Have some respect for him and equally important have some personal self-respect for yourself. Stop acting like a teenager. Maybe you didn't get this growing up in your home, but females are more than s** objects. Don't degrade yourself. Act professionally and save your feminine assets for your husband.

  • you're sick, and you're the reason people think pretty girls are b******.

  • Your mother would be so proud.


  • if u got it, flant it,
    u go girl
    its his fault for being a h**** basterd

  • hahaha get it!!

  • theyre are dumb if they fall for it but you are shallow with no self esteem

  • ew...

  • u r such a horrible person!

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