Intentionally teasing a guy at an outdoor concert

It's a warm evening and the crowd has already started to gather in the park. Music is playing over the buzz of the crowd who are eating, drinking and laughing while they wait for the first featured band to take the stage. I scope out the stage area and then off to the beer tent and a circuit around the food trucks. People have lawn chairs and blanket laid out between the food area and the stage, several times I have to turn sideways to slip thru, my b****** sliding across a shoulder or a forearm. I can feel the warm against my nipples thru my thin dress and my open tip bra. I approach the stage and look for a good spot near the front and get lucky to find one just slightly to the right of the middle. I relax, sip my beer and casually chat with the people around me.

The first band takes stage and the area fills in a bit more. The surround music stops as the band starts playing, to the excited buzz of the crowd. This is a good opportunity to stand closer to the guy to my right, I occasionally rest my hand on his arm so I can hear him over the band. He smiles and seems quite happy to stand close and exchange some small talk. Glitter-filled balloon b**** are being batted around and several times I bump into him or he steps close to bat one away. About midway thru the first band my beer is gone so I slide my way thru the crowd and lean over the guy standing near a trash can to toss out my cup. I can feel my breast pressing against his arm as I casually touch his shoulder and toss my cup with the other hand. He smiles and nods at me as I smile and excuse myself for crowding in. I make my way back to my spot near the stage and slide back into place. As the music plays on, I sway and lean into the guy next to me with a slight smile. He smiles back and seems happy to have me sway gently against him. My thin skirt felt good brushing against my bare ass, only a thong covering everything, and I could feel his thigh pressing against me each time I sway back.

The song ends and there is a short break in the music as the bank makes some introductions. When the music starts again, I notice he has shifted his beer to his other hand and has the hand closest to me down by his side. Once again I start swaying to the music and this time I can feel the back of his fingers lightly brushing against me. I take a small step back, as if to accommodate the crowd. The back of his hand is now squarely between my ass cheeks. He has to feel the heat and the lack of much as far as underwear. We shift and sway as the crowd flows and ebbs around us to the last few songs by the first band. At one point as I glanced down I could see he was hard as a rock and had to adjust himself discretely in his shorts. We listen and sway, sometimes rocked by the crowd. Several times he turned slightly and I pressed my ass back against his obvious erection. Eventually, the 1st band finished, and I put my hand on his shoulder and tell him not to let anyone take my spot. With a big smile, he agrees.

A few minutes later, I make my way back to the stage and find him waiting for me in the same spot. He greets my return with a big smile and we make casual conversation for a minute before he says now I better save his spot. I agree and he heads off. About a minute later, another man I had noticed earlier hanging out next to the stage swoops in, puts his arm around my waist, says “hello beautiful” and tells me his name. It seems like he noticed the other man heading off and thought he would try his luck at sweet talking me, but is disappointed when he learns I have a husband. He stays and chats for a while, and when my 1st guy returns to claim his spot, I am sandwiched between them. I can feel my b****** pressing against the 2nd man while the other guy is pressed against my butt. It's exhilarating to know my hard nipples are pressed into one man, while another is plastered against my backside. They seem to know each other and chat for a minute before the 2nd man heads off. My guy is pleased I saved his space and it's not long before the main band takes the stage. It has grown quite dark now and the crowd presses closer for this band. The guy has a new beer and once again plays a hand switching game so he can drop his hand to his side. Now as I sway to the music, I can feel his hand slowly sliding back and forth across my ass, from one check, falling gentle in between, and then across the other. I push back against his hand and he realizes I want the contact. He holds his hand still, pressed into my butt crack and just lets me sway against it. We separate when the song ends, then I move back when the next one starts. His hand is there, this time he manages to slide his fingers under the bottom of my skirt to brush against my upper thigh, just grazing the bottom of my ass. I can feel the excitement of his fingers touching my bare skin there. My pulse seems to be beating as fast as the music now. After a minute or two, he swaps his beer and shifts slightly, now I can feel his h****** pressing against me. I smile, knowing this is going to be a fun and exciting concert. We sway together for several songs. He gets rid of his empty cup and once again drops his hand and lightly brushes his fingers across my skirt, tracing across my butt. I continue to sway and clap to the music all the time very aware of him. At the beginning of the next song, he moves and once again I feel his h****** pressing and brushing across my ass, finding center and pushing forward. I am quite hot now and I can feel the heat of his body too. We sway and enjoy a couple more songs this way, his erection firmly between my ass cheeks, only the silk of my dress in between. By the third song, he pressed even more tightly against my butt, grinding to the music. His erection was very obvious thru my soft dress, I pushed back in appreciation. About 3-4 songs before the end, he seemed to lose interest and backed off. I'm not sure if he was afraid someone saw, or i it was because I wasn't talking, or maybe even he climaxed. As the band finished their set, we go our separate ways. I have a big smile for the fun I had and the good time I would soon have with my husband when I get home.

Aug 17

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