I am a empty vessel. I get drunk and hit on my best friends ex-girlfriends. I am not a good friend

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  • It happens. If they're the friend's exes, what's the harm? I hit on, and ended up f******, one of my friend's ex-gf's more than once. The guy actually thanked me, saying it was better he knew I was having at her instead of some stranger. True story.

    First time, he was in county for 3 months for his multiple DUI's. She and I were friends to begin with, but, she ended it with him before his jail time. One of his friends had a gathering at his townhouse, and I attended. "Mere" was there, drunk, and started up with me, but, I was the one who responded and then pursued. Ended up taking her to my house until morning, having at her slender, fit body like crazy.. Did her several times after that. And he knew.

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