What men want

They don't want wives or girlfriends, they want hookers that are free....and lots of them

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  • Not all men are heterosexual!! You're are too stereotypical and prejudiced!!!

  • Yeah. That's me. Hookers. I want hookers. I'll have an order of hookers to go. I mean . . . to come.

  • STDs.

  • You are wrong. You still haven't found the right guy, that's all.
    Sure, lots of guys are looking for occasional s** without relationship, but I believe that most of them settle down some day, and have a wife they feel obligated to. I know that for sure, because I'm a guy, and I'm not looking for "hookers" for a long time now.. (-;
    You just need to meet YOUR "mr. right"

  • Yes, oh yes! Hookers are GREAT! We all love hookers!

  • This is not true.

  • Did somebody say "free hookers"? Count me in!!!

  • Our marriage counsellor suggested we should abstain from s** and masturbation for 3 months. We had to hug and kiss and hold hands for 15 minutes each night. Mate it ended up the best thing. So s** is not everything.

  • A question: are all those hookers clean? Maybe that's too much to ask, since they're free and all, but I was wondering.

  • I think you've identified an underserviced (so to speak) market segment. I wish you well in your new venture, and I know you'll succeed in this business. Well, except for the fact that there's no money it. But if you solve THAT problem, you'll make a b***** fortune. Bonne chance, mon ami!!

  • I understand your point, obviously, but what I actually want is wives AND girlfriends. And then, on the occasional weekend jaunt, I'll have the hookers. Free. And lots of them. Thank you.

  • Yes. Where do I sign up?

  • Sorry to disappoint you, but I want love and not s**.

  • Not so my friend. S** with no cost has no value.

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