The day I left my wife forever

One night while we were in bed my wife had a spell. She would get angry and say things that would get her in trouble. One night while experiencing her period she said this. "You took me away from Randy, the man I really loved.

I said to her. "I'm going to divorce you in the morning". She said incredulosly. "You're not kidding, your serious! I told her to go to sleep and wed talk about it the next day.

Ok the next morning I told her that since she was having her period and was not pregnant I was never going to have s** with her again. She said "ok I'll just live off of you"! I said guess again. I'm moving out and divorcing you.

She started begging and pleading but I knew I could not stay with her under the same roof another night. I packed up and moved back home for awhile and got a lawyer. We divorced and good bye.

Jan 28, 2015

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  • My ex wife told me that she would always wonder what would have been like with another guy who ask her out. I told her she could find out if she liked. I had a girl who wanted me to date her, but I was with her.
    She got upset and left the house. Went back to her moms house. Three days later her mom called me and ask, would you please come by. We need to talk.
    When I got there my wife was upset and ask, why I did not follow her. We patched things up and went back home.
    When we got there I sat her down and told her, If you EVER leave this house again, I take it as being abandon. I will NEVER come get you again. EVER AGAIN, I ask her if she understood? she said yes.
    Few months later she got upset and went back home again.
    I gave it two weeks before I moved to a city near by and started divorce proceedings.
    When she was served with the papers. a friend of mine served them. She told him she was so sorry for what she did. She did not think I would give up on her so easy.
    That was thirty years back.

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