I'm sorry that today happened. I'm sorry that I drank. I went through all of high school without ever drinking and then let that go tonight. My grandfather was an alcoholic and walked out on the family. I'm sorry I let my curiosity get the best of me and let my morals slip.

But most importantly
I'm sorry for how beautiful you looked tonight. I'm sorry that I'm obsessed with you. You're everything I wish I was or had. You're perfect. I wish I could tell you that. But I know you don't feel that way about me. I'm sorry that we're both girls and that you're devoted to your religion. You're just so beautiful and I wish I could tell you that, inside and out. I wish that you and I were best friends and that we did all those girly things together. I wish I could call you my best friend, and know that you'd always be there for me and I for you. I fluctuate between thinking you do like me, and thinking you can't stand me. You're such an awkward person but that's what makes you special and stand out from the rest.
I'm also sorry that when you make your 'pouting/angry' face I find it to be drop dead gorgeous. Absolutely a knock out. There are times when you look like such a flirt.. I wish you wouldn't jokingly flirt with me.. Because..I find it to be so hard not to reciprocate with any gesture or action out of fear of not being able to hold back..

I'm sorry that I love you.

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  • lol I know that xD
    I'm 18, so it isn't the biggest deal about drinking.. I just wish I could say that I've never drank at a party before..

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