Please, hear me

I need help before I deterate faster. I miss her so much it physically hurts. I just want her so badly back in my life, and it probably won't ever happen. I'm sorry. I'm so ** sorry.

Feb 21, 2012

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  • You are "sorry" the way a politician is "sorry" when his behind-closed-doors undertakings are exposed.

    You don't care about "her" so much as YOUR discomfort, as other people said below.

    You probably have this huge sparkling image of yourself as a Tragic Star-Crossed Lover. Sometimes that's just an alternative spelling for Narcissist Who Whines to Sound Like *HE* Is the Victim.

    She's better off without you, as is every other female on the planet.

  • What's the point, you'll just do it again and if this is who I think it is, I can't take anymore. Just leave it alone, you have what you want. If this isn't who I think it is, I do apologize.

  • Do you honestly care how it has effected her, or just yourself?

    Because all I hear is how much you hurt not her.

  • you need to tell her that and maybe she'll forgive you
    it's no good telling it here.

  • did you smack the ** or ** around on her ?

  • Do you want someone to talk to about it? Because I've been where you are. Let me know.

  • Believe it or not she is probably not as special as you might think.
    Your obsession with her will wear out. Not today or tomorrow but eventually. There will be more "loves" and it's a good thing.
    Now, get out, have a tea with some dessert with a friend. Make the best out of it.

  • I have one word for you....NEXT!

  • You should tell her that. :-)

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