see through shorts

I went over my best friends house as i always do on friday, usually hang or go out then spend the weekend over. we are both 19 & been friends since 11 yrs old. any way he forgot to tell me he was going with his dad to pick up a car his dad bought out of state & wouldn't be back until sunday. so i got there & his mom 42 yrs old told me & i was going to leave but she insisted i stay. now she doesn't work so she spends alot of time working out about 5'6" & big fake t*** 40 d or something, anyway i forgot my swim shorts so she gets me johns suit i'm much bigger then my friend so it was kinda tight & at the time i didn't think about it until i got in the pool & realized the white suit you could see my c*** clearly. so i stayed in for a long time cause sue his mom was hanging out making both of us drinks & she was wearing a very small suit i never saw before. so after a hour she got me out by asking me to help her do something. needless to say her eyes focused on my now growing c***. long storie but we ended up f****** all weekend & wow what a piece of ass. now i feel Guilty as h*** every time i look at my friend. his mom wants to f*** more & i can't say no she sucks my c*** like no other girl has ever done. what would you do ? i love her hot body & can't get enough of it.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • my friends mom is a milf, you lucky b******.

  • Tell your friend you will be willing to share details or photos of his mom. That should keep him quite. Or make it possible for him to nail your mom!

  • WOW.

  • LOL happens all the time.

  • You nailed your friends mom. He's going to be pretty grossed out, and the father might have something to say to you.

  • I'd love you to shut the h*** up.

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