My boyfriend makes a lot of money

My boyfriend makes a lot of money and is doing financially well in his life. His bills are payed up to date and everything is going good for him. He is constantly buying himself things. Sometimes they are big things like a computer or a car; others--which is the usual case-- are smaller things, like video games or movies. The thing is that he is doing this all the time.
I am not saying that he doesn't deserve the things that he is buying himself...he does and he has worked hard for his money and should be happy buying himself things. The problem is that we have been dating over two years and I can't remember the last thing he got for me. I don't ask for much and I don't want to sound like I am petty. It just hurts me that he doesn't ever think of me. Am I being selfish? Please respond and let me know.

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  • Clearly into his own gratification. But if he's generous with you emotionally, then may not be such a problem, if he's sincere.

    Problem is, I've known guys like that - narcissistic, and usually very good with the ladies. These guys were such good actors that the girls never suspected the guys had no feelings at all for them, except for what they could do for them. These guys have more depth of feeling for a shirt than their girlfriends. Some of them would even gift these girls extravagantly -- but by the end of the relationship they usually had taken it all back, and more.

    Such narcissism can be a warning sign -- or nothing at all.
    Learning the difference can be difficult - and painful.

  • People like me are sometimes worried to get into relationships because of women like you. When you're married, you get to share money. Until then, stop expecting things...there are lots of guys who will blow loads of savings on women and be irresponsible in the long-term. Just find one of them.

  • Buy your own s***.

  • If a man loves you he will spend everything his got. How much love is equal to how much money they are willing to spend. Its really sad but horribly true.

  • no you arent selfish, he just doesnt understand how you feel and he doesnt know how to treat a lady right. im not rich by any means but i always get things for my gf. dinner movies anniversary gifts flowers just cuz little gifts to brighten up her day. whatever it takes to make her happy. then i can get myself somethin if i have any extra cash.

    tell him how your feelin.

  • i would be p***** at his selfishness

  • If you want things, tell him you want them. Dont sit around and wait on his cheap ass to volunteer to buy you stuff.


  • take his credit card, and go on a shopping spree... andinclude in there like a pair of lingerie so he wont even care if you do...


  • maybe you don't give him the loving he wants :)

  • girl. this man does not love you. when i met my husband 4 years ago, i was a janitor and he is a professor at a university, for reals, didnt have a car and live in an apartment. now i drive a beemer and live in a beautiful home, shop in nordstroms at least three times a week. he gives me all this because he loves me. dump thisj selfish j***. he dosnt care for you.

  • i think you need to go buy yourself something..may i suggest the book "He's just not that into you" after reading that I think you will have no problem second guessing deserve to be treated like the GEM you are..Good Luck!

  • awww no thats really mean of him. if he has so much money he should be buying you gifts like 24/7 your not being selfish its just a girl thing i guess?

  • wow.... im just 10 so i dont know a fuackin thing. SRRY

  • Does he show his affection in other ways? Maybe he's testing you. But, the knife cuts both ways, and there are ways to test him as well; i this case, if he's a cheapskate or not; examine his behavior; what will he pay for and what wont he pay for; bring up different talking topics ona lazy Sunday afternoon; make it lead into finance; ask him his position on personal finances (if he asks why, say, "well, I've just noticed you're very good with managing your cash clow, and maybe you can offer some insight;" His responses could offer some valuable clues if he'll be a cheapskate in marriage, or, if he's even interested in settling down with you, or just in general terms, or simply a waste of time (bachelor for life). Consider this>>will he be oblivious to small tokens of affection during your marriage years as well?

  • I understand it might be his mindset to be economical, considering he's smart enough to earn the salary he does at his level, but today, the lines are blurred between the sexes a wee bit too much; unisex everything; clothes, hairstyles, role reversal in relationships (woman being breadwinners, men being urged to be more sensitive). a little old fashioned tact can really be the inspiration a long term relationship needs to survive, so, no, you're not being selfish to expect a little something, a rose, a dinner, a small piece of jewelry (on your birthday and dating anniversary), etc., etc.

  • It's kind of odd behavior, especially after two years..nothing? No rose, no dinky pendant, no movie, no anything? Does he at least pick up the check at dinner?

  • he should buy you stuff its a nice thing to do and it makes you feel good. be like buy me stuff if he says no be like why. if he is selfish break up with him. its not petty. its honest. if he doesnt buy you s*** its mean

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